How to Cut a Cigar: Complete Guide for Beginners

Just like smoking a cigar, cutting cigar isn’t too easy for beginners. A poor cut can break the whole cigar or damage the flavors intact. It’s truly a skill to master and for a cigar smoker, it’s a must skill to practice. 

Well, there are various types of cigar cutters that will help you to cut the cigar. Each cutter is perfect for different types of cigars.

Well, in this article we will show you the basic steps on how to cut a cigar. Within time, you’ll sure be able to master this skill and enjoy your cigar the way you have always wanted.

So, let’s see the step-by-step guideline on how to cut a cigar.

Types of Cigar Cutters

1. Guillotine

Guillotine is the most common type of cigar cutter. It has blade on two sides and makes a fine cut on the cigar. You have to insert the cigar head right through the cutter hole. With a fine squeeze your cigar will have a clean cut in its body.

2. Punch

These are safer ones than guillotine cutters. As the name suggest, this cutter punches a hole in the end of the cigar. Its bullet shape makes the cut less destructive. Also, there lies very few chances of getting hurt by these cutters.

3. Knife

This is by far the simplest cutter. A pocket knife can sometimes become handy when you can find any traditional cutter. Though a knife cut might be uneven to some extent, it’s a good tool for emergencies.

How to Cut a Cigar: Step-by-Step

1. Locate the Cigar Cap

First of all, you have to locate the cigar cap. Now, let’s see what a cigar cap is. A cigar cap is a small piece of wrapper that holds all the elements inside the cigar. It is a leaf coverage that is lightly glued at the end. For smoking a cigar, you’ll only need to cut the cap. However, you must careful in determining the area while cutting.

What happens if you cut way too much of the wrapping end? It is likely that your cigar will unravel in a way losing all the ingredients inside. You don’t even want to get a too small cut that won’t eventually be of any help.

So, the best location of the cigar cap cutting is putting a shallow cut on the wrapping leaf at the end. You should keep the cap a little but so that the entire cigar doesn’t collapse. Be careful while unraveling the cigar and let the glue stay for some bits. 

So, we are done choosing the best spot for cutting the cigar!

2. Moisten the Cigar Head

You might think now it’s time to cut the cigar. But wait! There’s a step that you can actually follow for a smooth cut. Experts suggest that you should dampen the cigar before you actually go and try to cut it. It is advisable mostly to prevent any unwanted cracks on the dried cigar leaf wrappings.

We’re not saying that you should take the cigar and dip it into water. Instead, you can just put it in your mouth. Let the saliva do its own magic. You’ll get a soften cigar head in no time.

Another good aspect of this step is that it allows you to enjoy some flavors before smoking. The peppery rustic smell will soothe your senses and help you prepare the mood. It is also effective in getting a precise cut without any breakage.

Well, if you ask is it really necessary to follow this step, we would say no. You can count it as an optional step for cigar cutting. Follow this step or not, you are still good to go.

However, you will indeed receive some benefits by following this procedure. It is useful especially for cheaper cigars that don’t have a well-placed cap. So, we recommend moistening the cigar head before cutting it. 

3. Make the Cut

Well, we have reached to the final step of our guideline on how to cut a cigar. Unlike any other cutting, cigar cuts are bit of an art. You will require experience making the best cut with precision. However, don’t get discouraged if your first-time cut isn’t up to the mark. With time, you will learn how to master this skill and cut those cigar heads like a pro.

So, it’s important to choose the perfect cutting tool beforehand. Squeeze in the cutter a bit so that it’s easier to make the cut. You should line up the cigar straight towards you and yes, that’s when you cut it. Be confident while cutting the cap. Your enthusiasm will lead you to a more professional cutting experience. 

Here’s a tip on how you can smoothen your cut. Try new cigars every now and then for fun or maybe just for cutting. Each time you go for buying a cigar, try to pick different types of leaves coming in a variety of shapes. Besides, experimenting with new cutting tools will provide you advantages in this regard. It will definitely refine your skills with each cut and help you becoming an expert.

Pro-Tips for Cutting Cigar Heads

  1. Be confident while cutting the tip of a cigar. Shaky and unsteady hands can lead to a poor cut which will eventually ruin the whole flavor.
  2. You must avoid shallow or deep cuts than ideal. This will help you to keep your cigar fresh and secured while having a cut.
  3. Never bite off the cigar head. It’s just bad etiquette. Also, it destroys the wrapper and gives an uneven shape to your cigar. So, never do it!
  4. Use sharp cutters for cutting off cigar heads. This way you’ll have a fine precise cut every time you take a cigar.

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