How to Smoke Cigar for Beginners: Step-by-Step

Picture this. You’re at an elite party where everyone is in some form of style. Smoking a cigar might be a classic way of presenting yourself to this high-end party.

However, you’re not quite acquainted with this habit. It might seem pretty straightforward to lit up a cigar but you are confused – “Is this the right way of doing it?” 

We don’t know if you have already encountered this type of situation before. Yet, we are here with the basic tips on how to smoke cigar step-by-step. We want to prepare you already!

Coming to our point, there are a few easy ways that can help you to act like a pro even if you are a beginner. You’ll also have a fun smoking experience by following our guidelines. 

So, let’s smoke some cigars!

Choose the Right Cigar

Starting out your first cigar smoking can be intimidating. Not because it’s confusing to maneuver but selecting the right cigar for the first time

You may find a plethora of cigars containing different sizes, shapes, flavors from various countries. We won’t be surprised if you get frustrated by just looking at the types! 

So, here’s a pro tip. Go find a relatively mild but good quality handmade cigar. Don’t rush for too much flavors in the beginning as they can be quite overwhelming for first time smoking.

In contrast, don’t choose an inferior cigar that will provide you an underwhelming experience. Somewhere in between these two types will be good to go. 

Cut the Cap

A cap is the small wrapper around the cigar that holds all the elements tightly before smoking. Usually, handmade cigars come with a neat cap at the end. Before smoking, it’s necessary to cut the cap. Otherwise, you won’t be able to inhale all the smoky flavors properly.

You can cut a cigar cap in many ways. Guillotines, V-cuts, or punches whichever method you follow always keep in mind the cigar type and the feasibility each cigar requires. Cut it carefully so that the wrapper doesn’t tears down easily. 

The Raw Draw

Do you like smelling a wine’s bouquet before tasting? Drawing a cigar before lighting it up is the same case. It’s a good start to draw the dry, raw cigar and take a moment to puff without lighting it. 

It’ll let your lips learn the touches and feel what’s about to come. Sure, you won’t get the exact indication on how a lit-cigar can feel. However, it provides your senses a clear amusement of the flavors you’re about to enjoy.

Lit Up the Cigar

At this point, you are now finally to lit up the cigar. Well, there are actually many ways of lighting. Now, whichever method you use, you must be fully prepared with the tools. Try avoiding cardboard matches, candles, or fluid-fueled lighters. These tools may ruin the flavors entirely.

So, here are some tips you can follow while lighting your cigar. While using wooden matches, let the Sulphur burn off at first before the flame catches the cigar. You can also use butane lighters or torch lighters according to your convenience.

Draw without Inhaling

While smoking cigars, you must remember that cigars are not meant to be smoked like cigarettes or hookahs. In this case, you have to avoid inhaling the smoke just like you do with a cigarette. 

Cigar smoking revolves around creating pressure with the section of the tongue. It’s just like blowing a kiss to the cigar. Be gentle with the stick and let the smoke blow back out of your mouth. That’s how you will draw a cigar successfully.

Holding the Cigar

You might find holding a cigar uncomfortable at the first time of cigar smoking. Let us tell you how you can hold them in a way that is not awkward and also enjoyable at the same time.

You can try out holding a cigar between your thumb and index finger – a classic cigar holding. Let your other fingertips rest gently across the whole cigar. It will provide you ease while smoking. 

Dealing with the Ash

The amount of ash cut off depends on the cigar. However, here’s a rule of thumb you can follow. You can lose around an inch of a good cigar into ashes. In some cases, you might see the ash forming a crack at the beginning. We recommend you to remove the ash immediately in such cases to maintain safety.

Now, if you want to maintain the cigar length, you can rest your cigar at the side of an ashtray and let it release some ashes. You can also roll the end at an angle and carefully remove some ash. Press it slightly but be careful with it. Otherwise, the ash will break off easily.   

Putting Out Your Cigar

Knowing when to finish a cigar is truly a debate. Experts often argue that you only smoke your cigar halfway or until the band comes in. Again, other sources suggest to finish the whole cigar.

Well, we think it all depends upon you. If you wish to get more flavors and the aroma comforts you, keep smoking. Usually, the cigar end is gradually felt hot. You might not like that feel. So, screw everything and leave that cigar whenever you want.

At last, we’ve reached the final part of cigar disposal. Now, remember that you can’t crush cigars like cigarettes. That will just make your room stinky and messy. It’s better if you just let the cigar rest on the ashtray until it finally gets cold.

This way you can also prove your etiquette in certain groups. If you are at home, you can dispose the stub and ashes right away.So, this is how to smoke cigar for beginners. We hope this article will help you in achieving your goal.

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