Best Cigar Travel Cases

Many people find their expensive cigars to become soft or lose flavor after a short while. Considering the price tag that comes with these, you don’t want your cigars to go to waste.

Cigar degradation happens mainly because of two reasons, prolonged exposure to weather and humidity. So what can be done about it? Enter, cigar travel cases.

Why Should You Use Cigar Travel Cases?

There’s nothing like a good puff from your favorite cigar. Be it a midday break or some alone time after a day’s work, a good cigar can help you clear your thoughts and uplift your mood like no other. 

As such cigars have been a favorite for many even though they don’t come in cheap. A good quality premium set of cigars can cost you several hundreds of dollars. For most, it is like a luxury hobby that you would want to enjoy to your fullest.

As you move around with your cigar or may simply store it at home, a cigar travel case will ensure that your cigar will remain intact in quality and flavor for a long time.

With so many options to choose from in the market, which one should you get for yourself? Here we have outlined 10 of the best cigar travel cases that you can consider for yourself. 

Cigar Travel Cases Buying Guide

Interior Design and Material 

When we are talking about single cases, you need to understand that as a high-end premium cigar case, you would want your travel case to speak of quality. If you’re sick or a travel case is a premium on it should have cedar lining on the inside. Most of the high-end brands or quality products help to maintain the authentic quality of your cigar. Some even add that cedar helps to alleviate the flavor of your cigar. 

Leather vs. Other 

This is a question of most of you. Should you be using a leather case or a case made of other materials? To be honest, leather is the best option to go for when you’re choosing a case for your cigar.

The leather helps to keep the cigar away from moisture and holds the heat inside. Of course, you can choose any material of your choice, just make sure that it doesn’t let moisture seep into your cigar. 

Humidifier and Hygrometer 

This is also another important aspect that you should keep in mind. A good cigar travel case will always have a humidifier and hygrometer inside them to ensure temperature control. The humidifier will ensure that your expensive cigar won't dry out and get wasted as a result. 


Most travel cigar cases don’t come with a host of accessories that are needed to properly use and take care of your cigars. That is mainly because it is a simple carrying case. However, if you want the full deal, you can always buy the case as part of a set.

Best Cigar Travel Cases of 2021




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CIGARISM Cedar Lined Cigar Case

Quality craftsmanship 

Spanish cedar inlay

Multiple accessories included

AMANCY Cedar Wood Lined Case

Extremely lightweight 

Durable build quality

Does a very good job keeping the cigar moisture intact


Volenx Crocodile Leather Travel Case

Unique and luxurious design 

Cedarwood lining 

    Stainless steel cutter 

AMANCY 3-Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

Perfect for lightweight movement

Leather built

Cutter included

Holds up to 20 medium-sized cigars

Jamestown Cigar Plastic Travel Case

Holds up to 30 cigars 

Hardshell design 

Water and dust resistance

LAGUTE Groucho Cigar Case 

Cedarwood lining 

Removable trays 

100% genuine leather

Mrs. Brog Cigar travel case

Large capacity 

Silicone seal 

    Dust and humidity resistance

Xikar 5 Count


Affordable price


Craftsman's Bench Passport


Easy to carry

Cedarwood inlays

Scotte Portable Travel Cigar

Premium quality

Comes with accessories

Cedar inlays

1. CIGARISM Cedar Lined Cigar Case – Best overall 

The best one on our list is the Cigarism Cedar-lined cigar case. Cigars are all about cigar accessories and the company is known for making some of the best cigar travel cases out there. 

The cigar case is lined with Spanish cedar which is considered to be the gold standard. This beautiful-looking cigar travel case comes with a cigar cutter and a double torch flame lighter as a standard. The quality and. The finish on the case itself is impeccable and you won’t have to worry about your cigar getting wasted ever again.


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Spanish cedar inlay
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Very expensive

2. AMANCY Cedar Wood Lined Case – Best fit 

The Amancy cedar wood-lined case is unlike your usual cigar travel case. Rather than being a boxy carrying case, this one is tube-shaped. This is not necessarily a bad thing and on the contrary, it just makes the case more portable. 

The outside is covered with PU leather with a humidifier set inside. The design is on the simple side and the construction itself isn’t overly luxurious. However, this is also geared towards those on a budget. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Keeps the cigar moisture intact


  • No other accessories come with the box
  • Unusual design

3. Volenx Crocodile Leather Travel Case – Best outer texture 

Here is another one on our list which is of absolute luxury. The volenx case is made of complete genuine leather with measured grooves that give it an impeccable hand feel. The moment you touch it, you will feel the quality at hand. Inside the box, there are two separate compartments. One compartment can store up to 6 cigars and the other is for storing accessories. 

The inside is lined with Spanish cedar which will give you a sweet aroma the moment you open up the lid. The tray of the cigar is removable for easy storage and access to your cigars. In addition to that, you are also getting a stainless steel cigar cutter. Overall, this is one of the better cigar travel cases on our list.


  • Unique and luxurious design
  • Cedarwood lining
  • Stainless steel cutter


  • A bit bulky

4. AMANCY 3-Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case – Best portable 

The next one in our list is also from Amancy and this is for those who are looking for an ultra-portable case. Whereas the other ones in our list are a fit for your medium to large-sized bags, this one is good enough for your pockets. 

The design of this one is also tubular except it is a bit wider in shape. The case can house up to 3 cigars with ease. The key selling point of this cigar travel case has to be its portability and style statement. We mean seriously, this is a very fashionable case that will look good in any environment. It’s not only easy to use but also budget-friendly.

This is also highly rated as one of the best cases to protect your cigar against external moisture and control the humidity within the case. The features don’t end there, you’re also getting a cigar cutter branded outside the case.

Overall this is a handy case for those formal occasions where you won't be carrying a bag and can easily fit it in your pocket. 


  • Perfect for lightweight movement
  • Leather built
  • Cutter included


  • Less storage

5. Jamestown Cigar Plastic Travel Case – Best for large storage

Okay, so this one is some next-level stuff. The ones that we have mentioned before up until now were all geared towards some form of portability. Be it in your pocket or bag, these cigar travel cases were chosen for their exact purpose. 

But the Jamestown cigar plastic travel case is a unique one on this list. This is not a travel case technically, rather a whole briefcase for your cigar.

You can essentially store all your cigar collection in it and there might still be someplace left inside. This one is for the extended storage of your cigar to ensure that there is no compromise with quality.


  • Holds up to 30 cigars
  • Hardshell design
  • Water and dust resistance


  • Not very portable

6. LAGUTE Groucho Cigar Case – Best for luxury and space 

Here is another premium cigar case for you. The lagute Groucho is made from crocodile leather and has cedar wood inlays to make sure your cigars remain in impeccable condition. The cigar travel case is made to be extra absorbent with moisture so that your cigars will remain fresh for a long time.

There is a humidifier built in the case which will help to maintain the optimum humidity level. Storage options on both flaps mean you can store up to 6 cigars on this case.


  • Cedarwood lining
  • Removable trays
  • 100% genuine leather


  •  Cutter not included

7. Mrs. Brog Cigar travel case – Best steel built 

Here's another one that looks like a briefcase. This one is a bit different from the conventional wood and leather-built cigar travel cases. What's special with this one is that it can hold up to 10 cigars at a time. 

The latches on this case are lined with silicone making the entire case airtight. Your cigar will remain fresh for a long time thanks to the built-in hygrometer and humidifier. 


  • Large capacity
  • Silicone seal
  • Dust and humidity resistance


  • No cutter included

8. Xikar 5 Count– Best plastic built 

If you are looking for something more rugged then this is the one for you. Beyond the scopes of premium and luxury materials like leather and cedar wood, you get the Xikar 5 counts. 

This is mainly for budget-oriented buyers who want a good cigar travel case that will make sure that their cigar will stay fresh for a long time without breaking their bank. And that is exactly what it is. It doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles rather it gets the primary job done quite well.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable price range
  • Attractive design


  • Doesn’t have cedar inlays

9. Craftsman's Bench Passport – Best rugged build

This one from craftsman might look like just another regular steel carrying case for your cigar. But do not let that Luke fool you. The cigar travel case is extremely well built from the outside but has a soft finish on the inside. 

 The case itself is very portable and can hold up to 4 cigars. The key selling point of this cigar travel case is that the inlay is laid with cedarwood. This helps to maintain the quality of the cigars for a long time and ensures you get a gust of freshness from your first puff.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cedarwood inlays


  •  Doesn’t include any accessory

10. Scotte Portable Travel Cigar  – Best for feature

The last one on our list is from Scotte. This is also a premium leather built and cedar-lined cigar travel case. The specialty of this case is that it comes with a cutter as well as a lighter for your cigars. 

There is a built hygrometer and a humidifier to ensure that your cigars remain in the best possible state. The inside is covered with felt-like material and can hold up to 4 cigars. 


  • Premium quality
  • Comes with accessories
  • Cedarwood inlays


  • A bit expensive 


That concludes our pick of the best cigar travel case that you can buy right now. Sure some of them are very expensive but all of them come feature-packed that is very much essential for your cigars. 

In our review, we found the CIGARISM Cedar Lined Cigar Case to be the best overall considering the price and the feature it offers. However, you can check out the others as well as they are no less than our top pick.

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