Best Cigar Samplers of 2024

Cigar samplers offer multiple types of cigars in a single pack. That is why, if you are a beginner cigar smoker, then you might not know which brand is your favorite just yet. While there are famous brands like Nicaraguan cigars, Cuban cigars, etc., they might just not be for you. Some well-known brands might be too strong or too weak for you to enjoy. Thus, the cigar samplers’ multiple brands will help you find the perfect cigar for you to enjoy. There are many different types of cigar samplers available online. However, you might not want to waste your time finding the ideal brand for you. That is why we have scoured the internet and curated a list of the best cigar samplers of 2021. 

Cigar Sampler Buying Guide


High-quality cigar samplers generally have long-filler tobacco in the cigars, and the cigars are made by hand. When you decide to buy a cigar sampler, you first need to remember that the higher the cigar’s quality, the higher their price. If you want high-quality, hand-made cigars, then you can go with a popular brand like Cuba. 


If you are a beginner cigar smoker, then do not go for the higher-end brands. Start with relatively cheaper or budget-friendly brands, then gradually go higher.

However, if you want to gift someone who smokes regularly, you can certainly go for the pricier ones. Just keep in mind that a higher price does not always mean high quality. Although price does correlate with quality but choose a known brand like Corona Cigar Co to be on the safe side.


Different cigars taste differently depending on the flavor you choose. There are multiple flavors of cigars like sweet, spicy, mild, and full-bodied.

Thus before you buy a cigar sampler, keep in mind to buy a brand that offers multiple flavors or at least more than one. You might not find your favorite flavor on the first try, but keep trying different flavors to find your perfect cigar.


Cigars also generally have different types of aromas like cinnamon, woods, nuts, etc. Look at the various types of flavors and aromas of the cigars in the cigar samplers and choose the ones that seem appealing to you. 


Cigars also have various sizes. They can be long, short, or medium, depending on the type of cigar that you choose. However, keep in mind that a large cigar will have less concentrated flavor than a short cigar.

On the other hand, a large cigar will last more than a short cigar. So, be mindful of the size of the cigar samplers and decide if you want to smoke more or less.


The shape of a cigar is also an essential factor. There are chiefly two types of cigar shapes. They are parejos and figurados. The Parejos have straight sides, and the figuardos have irregular shapes. You can use this information to decide the best shape for your hands.

Best Cigar Samplers of 2021




Price Range

Buy Now

Ashton 5 Cigar Assorment Sampler

Ashton 5

Great value

Has a nice aroma and flavor


Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

Oliva: Master Blends 

Nicaraguan cigars

20 cigars in a pack


Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

Padron: 1964 Mature Exclusive Series

Available in a Natural or a Maduro wrapper leaf

Variety of flavors available


Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

Ashton VSG Cigar Sampler

Multidimensional aroma

Rich blend of Dominican flavored tobaccos


perdomo Inmenso

Perdomo Inmenso

Constant rich flavors

Robust shape


1. Ashton 5 – Best Overall 

Ashton 5 Cigar Assorment Sampler

The Ashton 5 features 5 of the most famous and top-rated Dominican cigars. The cigars are handcrafted with the best ingredients possible.

The tobaccos include Connecticut Broadleaf and Shade, Ecuador Sumatra wrappers. Enjoy the best of Carlito Fuente has to offer in this amazing aroma filled and great tasting cigar sampler.


  • Includes 5 top of the line cigars
  • Handcrafted by experts
  • Many flavors
  • Exotic textures
  • Flavorful with creamy smoke


  • High price

2. Oliva Master Blends – Best Value

Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

The Oliva Master Blends features fully cured, flawlessly aged, excellently handmade by the experts of Nicaragua. The 20 cigars included have a nice blend of smokey and earthy flavors combined. Also, there are hints of pepper mixed throughout the cigars. All of these flavors and aromas are perfect for smoking with whiskey.


  • 20 cigars
  • Made by Nicaraguan experts
  • Robust taste and aroma
  • Budget oriented


  • Might be a little spicy for some

3. Padron: 1964 Mature Exclusive Series – Best for Variety

Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

The Padron 1964 is an award-winning cigar sampler that has won the hearts of many cigar lovers. These cigars are available in mainly two wrapper leaves. The all-Natural wrapper leaf and the Maduro wrapper leaf.

These include the best variety of flavors that can win over any critic or any average cigar lovers. From the earthy flavors of Nicaraguan to the wooden flavors of Cuba, enjoy the variety of flavors to your heart’s content.


  • Can choose from Natural or Maduro wrapper leaf
  • Variety of flavors
  • Enjoyed by any cigar smokers
  • Spicy and savory profile
  • Medium to full blend


  • Might not be available everywhere

4. Ashton VSG – Best Premium

Best Cigar Samplers of 2021

The Ashton VSG is dream come true for cigar lovers and enthusiasts. Enjoy Dominican tobacco and rich creamy, cinnamon, and many other flavors in this premium cigar sampler. You cannot go wrong if you choose this as gift or as something for you to enjoy. Revel and lose yourself in the aroma filled journey of the Ashton VSG.


  • 24 cigars
  • Complex blend of flavors
  • Multidimensional smoke and smell
  • Bold textures
  • Variety of blend for distinct palate


  • Not beginner friendly

5. Perdomo Inmenso – Best for Beginners

perdomo Inmenso

The Perdomo Inmenso offers a pack of 10 cigars that evoke a journey of almost unparalleled heights. It offers the ultimate experience for beginners that want to take it slow and then turn the valve to eleven.

It is not too much, not too overwhelming, does not hurt the taste buds, this one is just right for starting a cigar journey. Also, the price is not too bad either. So, you can gift this to your friend or try it yourself if you starting your trip.


  • 10 Cigars
  • Distinct aroma and taste
  • Different colorful flavor
  • Does not overwhelm
  • Soft fillers


  • Not suitable for seasoned smokers

Final Thoughts

Cigars are not only a hobby; they are a way of life for some. If you are serious about becoming a cigar connoisseur then start with something delicate that easy on your taste buds. You can choose any of the samplers from this list and you may end up loving them. So, we hope that your search for the best cigar samplers has come to an end.

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