How to Hold a Cigar: 7 Different Ways

You might face a lot of issues when you are a beginner cigar smoker. We know it’s hard to choose the best cigar, lighting it, knowing how to puff out smoke, or even hold it properly in hands. It may sound unbelievable but trust us cigar holding is kind of an art.

In some circles a proper cigar holding is seen as a man of etiquette. Also, with the right grip, you’ll kind of feel like a boss which is feels pretty good.

Well, there are several ways to hold a cigar. It’s not necessary to master them all or follow any of them. However, we recommend improving your skill for at least one type. In this article, we will provide a few cigar holding techniques that will help you to hold your cigar confidently. 

The Respectful Grip

Hold A Cigar - Respectful Grip
Left: The “Pinch” Method & Right: The “Respect” Method (source)

Cigars are authentically made by hands combining of an extremely long difficult process. To make one flavorful stick, hundreds of people had to struggle enormously. The respectful grip is a symbol of showing gratitude to those workers across the world who are working hard for us.

To show the reverence, you have to use almost all of your fingers while holding the cigar. Place the cigar gently between your thumb and at least two of your fingers. We recommend to use all of your fingers when the stick is full. You should have a light yet firm grip over the cigar and roll it back and forth to maintain a proper etiquette. 

The Pool Cue

Do want to look like a boss? Your cigar can help you build that confidence! Take a cigar in between your thumb and index finger. Make sure the two fingers are crossed above the cigar. You will hold it closer to the band, preferably on the first quarter of the cigar pointing towards you. Have a firm grip or else you might lose the balance.

This type of cigar holding represents that you are the boss. It straightly exposes the power you can hold through your attitude. We bet, you will feel the most confident man in the room by adopting this cigar holding technique. 

The Pinch

The pinch is one of the popular cigar-holding techniques. It basically expresses the sensibility and fair-minded personality of an individual. So, let’s see how to hold a cigar following the Pinch method.

At first, take a cigar and place it in between of your index finger and your thumb. Pinch on the tobacco very gently. Make sure you are not putting too much pressure on it. Otherwise, all of the cigar may break and all of the elements inside may fall off dreadfully. However, don’t press it too lightly that you won’t have a good grip. Finally, draw the cigar and take some puffs. 

The Wheeler Dealer

The wheeler dealer is kind of a badass position to hold a cigar. You take a cigar and hitch it up right in the middle of your forefinger and middle finger. Your thumb and the palm will be open offering a friendly gesture. On the other hand, rest of the two fingers will remain folded.

Well, this position can provide an air of notoriety to the holder. It goes well with a few buttons undone at the top of your shirt. However, if you are about to make a pitch, get paid, or getting out of town, this wheeler dealer position will provide you a smart look.

The Pensive Ponderer

Are you having tough times solving a really hard problem? Or looking for a complicated math solution? You are mulling over numerous decisions yet can’t make up your mind which one to choose? Well, in this case, pensive ponderer will be the best cigar holding position for you.

Keep your palms closed except for the thumb and the index finger. Perch the cigar in between these two fingers and roll it back and forth. This holding position will create an impression to other people in the room. It will express your calm controlled nature whilst struggling with challenging situations. 

The Art Collector

So, the art collector position resembles the high-end lifestyle of an individual. It’s a relaxing way of holding your cigar like you own the moment. Close your palm only keeping the thumb and index finger open. Make a hole like space with the two fingers and fit in the cigar gently. Slightly touch your thumb with the of the index finger and make the grip stronger.

Rustle with your smoking jacket as you hold the cigar in between your fingers. Enjoy the slow puffs with fellow aristocrats beside the fireplace. 

The Conspirator

Let’s say you prefer to keep things low profile. You have a mischievous plan and love to live in the dark. Your black budgets have exploited the employment history. You wear a black trench coat all the time. So, you need the conspirator position for holding a cigar.

Place the cigar among all of your fingers. It should look like you are forming a fist. The index finger, middle finger, and the thumb should hold the grip. Keep the rest of the two fingers folded towards the palm. Don’t squeeze the cigar too much. Or else, it will break off easily. Try to maintain the wrapper. It’s important to keep the elements intact while smoking.

Final Verdict

These are the easy ways of holding a cigar. We hope this article was helpful for you. Try mastering at least on these positions according to your personality. You may also try one of these holding methods to portrait your personality. With that being said, we wish you enjoy every puff of that smoke the way you like it.

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